Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Life is De sale

I haven't seen nearly enough of life yet... there's so much to see and so little time. The aim at the end is to maximise the amount of life you've truly lived. I've narrowed it down on occasion to dabbling in everything I've had a feeling I might like.
What is confusion? Is confusion a state where you're going for one thing, get halfway there and jump? That's not so much confusion as it is mess. Confusion is heading somewhere till you realise that there's something else - perhaps even better out there to head towards.
I've dabbled in lots of things -
music to metals,
cooking to wood,
As a bartender I'm told
I've been really good.

Building a car
out of Lego parts
won't take me far
even after it starts.

Creation's the pleasure
that makes it worthwhile.
I'd be obvious to you
by my permanent smile.

To get where you want
is a sale a De.
From this place to that
do whatever you say.

Communication begins
with a human out there.
Saying "thanks" in Japan
may get you a stare.

In Norway a fluke
may be amazing play.
You must have respect,
it's the people's way.

No dirt and no lies
is the only way to sell.
Praise it as perfume,
but get rid of the smell.

Computers are easy
to sell a concept to.
They understand only logic,
they haven't a clue.

Humans are beings,
they're hard to understand.
You need a good guide
to take you by the hand.

You learn one at a time
but learn you must.
And to you dear reader
this blog I entrust.

Ya ya! I know... It didn't finish with the general "pome" ending... realised that it's 3 in the am and aside from having to "wake up" and get out in another 4 hours or so, I've got some work to handle... love the work but it takes some time out of my life... good excuse for the delay in blogging n'est ce pas?

In the true spirito of "ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies" let me finish by saying:
I fully intend to finish this post in the next post, but may not get around to it given the fact that I'm dabbling in way too many things at the moment to commit any amount of time to any particular thing.

Damn... I just felt a tremour... Think maybe I'll get up early and finish the work.

3:10 now... good night all.