Monday, July 09, 2012

Yet another NoDe

No one to talk to
Nowhere to go.
uncork this mind
before I blow.

No point in asking
no ears to hear
No hands to wipe
that lonesome tear.

No words of encouragement
no words of praise.
No form of distinction
will guarantee a raise.

No food
yet no hunger.
No closure in sight.
A deathly dark calm replaces all light.

No pleasant taste
takes this feeling away.
No happy, no sad.
This is no De.


I thought I'd come back
but I'm not going there
Time's not enough
just to sit and stare.

I've seen what I want
I'll get it yet.
There is nothing else.
My mind is set.

(The title's a twist. I'm on my way. I now have the energy to stay)