Monday, June 23, 2014

De healer

Caught up in you
Is all you could be
Since there's only so far
That you'd like to see. 

Who reads the stories
Of lives of you. 
You see only yours...
And then there's a few. 

Who heals the healer?
Who takes that pain?
Who'll rescue him
As he's going insane?

Clogging his head
Fated to stay
Everywhere else
But in the De. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

De thief

No sleep so deep
No comfy bed
No way to silence
Those voices in my head. 

No hues in blues
No way out
No way to silence
Those voices that shout. 

No gaze in haze
No life to do
No way to silence
Those voices of you. 

No lease in peace
No happy to dispel
No way to silence
The voice of me as well. 

No life in strife
No company to bore
No way to silence 
The voice of the world any more.