Saturday, February 02, 2013

Some beautiful Des in my life

My Mother 's an angel who walks upon light.
She brightens your day.
She puts you to flight.
From one to the next
she changes her path.
And in matters of humanity
she's done all the math.

The beauty of giving is my Father right now.
That limp goes away.
That back takes a bow.
He's set in his ways.
He'll do great stuff.
You can try all you want.
But it's never enough.

The beautiful kid Sister who works really hard.
to do the good thing,
and is quite the bard.
She'll make your heart sing.
She'll smile through it all.
Everything's matter-of-fact.
You'll never feel small.

The beauty of life is my big Sister, Beans.
You learn courage from one,
who sails through all that seems.
She can have it all.
You could never fail.
With advice from this one.
your life's never pale.

Special mention of course,
to the stars of my world.
Three nephews and a niece
into this life who were furled.
I'll spoil them rotten with gifts!
The sky's no bar.
With energy like them,
my youth's never far.

And this lucky old De,
who loves them so much.
Has something to say.
His life is as such.
He thanks his stars,
for each single De.
Blessed with them AND great friends,
take life the best way.