Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bin awhile

Long time no blog. What else is new?

Funilly enough, I've had tonnes to write about. Every time I thought I'd blog it, I realised I didn't have net access at home... I'd put in one of those "Angry smileys" at this point of time, but I"m too lazy to do stuff like that.

Lots has happened
Lots to write
nothing's been uploaded
though I wrote lots last night.

I may as well just put this up as a reminder of what I've got to blog when I do get net access at home...

There's the Bangalore internet issue.
There's the Mauritius trip - if that's what it can be called...
The Citibank debacle
Asian Paints Home Solutions - Delhi edition
Friends who know more about my life than me (should I correct that to 'I'?).
Alcohol and cocktails - a whole new twist.
The De the Documents died... trouble with the machine every time I touched one of them.
The De the Music died... and took all the pics with it :(
The wedding season.

I think that's about it. I'll write these things sooner or later - probably later - but I'll push for sooner.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Interesting times?

May you live in interesting times.
- Old Chinese curse

I've seen the most interesting. It's said that most mundane story of any man on the earth would be more interesting than the most exciting novel ever written.

This could be true. I’ve come to realize that anyone who wishes can make life a bore or make it score. Where do you look for your way? Do you turn to life? Do you go out and look for a wife? What are you scared of? Is the threat of pedestrian so far a dread?

The lines I write are mostly golden.
The people I fight are mostly lost.
The response I get when I open my heart
Is the same as the one as when I break a fart.

The story continues.

The jerks that happen
Are gaps in the flow
Of the music play
Of the way to go.

Random thoughts
They come to mind.
The first ones that decide
That I should find.

Documentation is not where it’s at
The farther you get,
The more you get fat.

There’s not much happening
In the head these days.
The work that’s done
Is all in a haze.

I need a change now
I need a change fast.
All of my thoughts
Are stuck in the past.
People who came
Folks who left.
The ones that went on
Have left me bereft

Of any cold reason
Of any clear path
Of things left unsaid
Toss it now… I’ll go to bed.

Blog it all…
I must I must.
And it is to you my friend
This URL I entrust.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Stranger De by De

What do I do?

There's lots of work.
There's plenty to handle.
Maybe I should get to it.

Everything's going so well... so smooth... this hasn't really happened for a while. Down to all the petty little things I generally write about (or have once or twice on this blog). I just haven't had much to complain about.

Have a look at the previous post (Even AirTel toDe won't stand in my way)

Even the phone guys seem to be against hassling me at all...

Maybe I should put that in a separate post.... hang on... I just did that.

Don't get me wrong... I'm enjoying the "smoothness" of the way life's going, but then it's sort of eerily quiet. Everything's going right - more or less. I'm happy, but depressed...

There. I've said it. I'm depressed. Things are probably going to screw up sooner or later - I'd rather later. I'd hope for later, but this is like the calm before the storm. I've got a feeling that somethings about to blow up. Some THINGS in fact. There's not too much I can do about em - the ones that I know of that is - it's going to happen, I'm going to be miserable for a few days then I'm going back to "happy" happy mode (as against "depressed" happy mode)

Weirder yet... I'm looking forward to the storm. It means things'll get ruffled up, change'll happen. I love change, but I'm scared of it. I think I can confidently say I've been through quite a bit of change and all the change I've been through has been for the better.

Even AirTel toDe won't stand in my way

This ain't no gripe! I've been getting more and more impressed with the service of my mobile/landline operator... here's a story.

I'd called my phone companys customer care in Feb sometime from my mobile to ask about something to do with my landline. They told me I'd have to call on the landline customer care number. Since customer care is a free call, and I felt like messing around a bit, I said "but you're one company, you shouldn't tell me to call on another number. You should transfer the call rather than make me pay for being kept on hold for 20 minutes", to which I got a response "Sir, it's a free call from your mobile".

I jumped at the bait she'd dangled in front of me, put her on hold, told her I'd just start recording the conversation and started. Got her to repeat what she'd said before and told her that if I saw the call charged on my bill I'd use the recording. She said that was just fine and I put the phone down, got my issue with the landline sorted and relaxed.

I forgot about the whole thing till I was cleaning out my phone data (coincidentally, the same day the mobile bill was delivered) and heard the conversation. I called up and asked why the call had been charged when I was told it would not be, to which the response was "Very sorry for the inconvenience sir. We'll probably have it reversed in the next bill, but we'll get back to you on this." I asked for a docket number, got it, noted it against the name of the person I was speaking with and put the phone down.

A couple of days later (today) I got a call from them saying "since you've already paid the bill, the amount will be credited to your account in the next bill. We're very sorry for the inconvenience."

Today's DEFINITELY my day!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

lots of Des

Been a long time since I wrote a blog...
been on holiday, bloated up like a hog...

Lots of food
coupled with drink
can't swim for a while...
I'd probably sink.

Going mad moving around
with family and friends
can think of no more,
so this rhyme ends.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Half an SMPS

It's happened. I got home last night and found my computer sitting there dead. The hard disk light was on. The power light was off...

Was feeling a bit bad about its demise - I didn't think there was too much wrong... the SMPS again...

This morning, I was about to leave for work and decided to give the SMPS a whack or two. Post-whack SMPSs tend to work for a while it seems. It died as soon as I tried to access my office mail though :)

Smart SMPSs yet!

This is the first blog I've written here that doesn't involve the word "lunch"

Oops! Now it does :D

Monday, February 21, 2005

Lunching munching

Hunger hath struck.
I need food.
Nothing to eat upstairs...
and that guy's really rude.

Going to Maharaja.
Lunch I must have.
Prashanth and Rags.
paid through Jayanthys' bag.

She lost her phone,
her card as well.
A digital diary
her balance's going to hell....

Now my phone's gone too...
I'll get it back.
If she decides to keep it..
I attack!

Lunch time...
later folks.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

To De or not To De

Tis a half past sometime somewhere in the world. Right now is the middle of the night out here. 10 o'clock on a Sunday morning brings me to the computer... to do what? Does it really matter? Yesterday sort of blended into today - strains of a song come popping into my head "... and yesterday's todays just fade away". Was up till 6 again. No party this time. A few good friends online.

It's funny. The number of friends I've got in the US should be incentive enough to go. Hell there had to be just one or two of them out there for the reasons to be enough. Might even be a good idea to go there to work - maybe if the job market picks up a bit I will.

Sundar had called up this morning - hang on... that was yesterday morning. We had a nice long chat. What's really great about my friends is that they're always there. I'm a lazy bum. I don't make the effort to stay in touch - bad excuse for not staying in touch with such great friends, but hey, I'm me - they know how much I really care.

So many thoughts dropping pomes in my head...
time to switch to the anonymous blog instead...

I'll be back - I always am.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Experiments with truth - and Dominos pizza

Has anyone (in India at least) noticed that if you get a set pizza here, you wind up paying more than if you order a plain cheese with the same toppings?

I got a bit hungry by 3, so called Domino's. This is the info I asked for along with the responses:
Small Hawaiian Pizza cost: Rs. 130
Toppings on the Hawaiian: Ham and Pineapple
Small Cheese Pizza cost : Rs. 50
Ham topping cost: Rs. 30
Pineapple topping cost: Rs. 20
Golden Corn topping cost: Rs. 20

I got that far and asked the guy if I could order a Small Cheese Pizza with Ham, Pineapple and Golden Corn toppings and he tells me "That will be 150 plus tax", so I walked him through the math - it seems not all indians are good with it... he put me on hold for a while and was talking quite animatedly with someone else out there in kannada (I don't understand more than a few words, so didn't have a clue as to what he was on about). He gets back on the phone and says "okay sir, 120 plus tax". Whew! 15 minutes it'd taken me to order a pizza!

What I don't get is why would they charge you MORE for something that's not customised? So I take 10 minutes more on the phone explaining why I want it part by part and they charge me less. It's the same with most of their combos. Try ordering topping by topping to get a lower price out of em. It's only bad if your battery's low :)

Another De another time

Sitting in the office. Getting set for lunch. Not much to do right at the moment. Work's weird. It starts. It stops. I'm either flooded with it, or there's nothing to do.

Maybe I should set up the new machine...

Next blog soon.