Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Interesting times?

May you live in interesting times.
- Old Chinese curse

I've seen the most interesting. It's said that most mundane story of any man on the earth would be more interesting than the most exciting novel ever written.

This could be true. I’ve come to realize that anyone who wishes can make life a bore or make it score. Where do you look for your way? Do you turn to life? Do you go out and look for a wife? What are you scared of? Is the threat of pedestrian so far a dread?

The lines I write are mostly golden.
The people I fight are mostly lost.
The response I get when I open my heart
Is the same as the one as when I break a fart.

The story continues.

The jerks that happen
Are gaps in the flow
Of the music play
Of the way to go.

Random thoughts
They come to mind.
The first ones that decide
That I should find.

Documentation is not where it’s at
The farther you get,
The more you get fat.

There’s not much happening
In the head these days.
The work that’s done
Is all in a haze.

I need a change now
I need a change fast.
All of my thoughts
Are stuck in the past.
People who came
Folks who left.
The ones that went on
Have left me bereft

Of any cold reason
Of any clear path
Of things left unsaid
Toss it now… I’ll go to bed.

Blog it all…
I must I must.
And it is to you my friend
This URL I entrust.

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