Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Weddings Ahoy!

They're all done at last. I've had an insane amount of fun in the last few weeks. Lots of weddings to go for and one or two that I missed. Was good getting back in touch with old friends and meeting lots of new ones.

Now I need to get back to work to get a bit of rest :)

Here's what's been up.

Wedding in Hyderabad - couldn't go for that one, but landed up at the bachelorette party before she left to get married. The reception was in Bangalore, so landed up at the reception knowing Mallesh (a good friend from the office who I went with) and Radhika (the bride who didn't want all the fanfare - and I don't blame her either). Drank a bit. Tried to mingle a bit. Drank a bit more... the usual. Next scene was when Bells got married.

Bells wedding was in Mangalore. After cutting lots of sad "Wedding Bells at Bells Wedding" one liners I met up with Karen (Mrs. Bells now) for a drink at Cosmo Village - it's been done up quite nicely now - not half as bad as the last rennovation. I still prefer the way it was before though. Bells landed up from the US on the 21st I think.
Met up with him and Lacy - a friend who'd come down from the US for the wedding - on Saturday (24th Dec) morning (just about afternoon) and went to Pecos for breakfast. A few beers, good conversation with the guys whose table we piled onto and quite a bit of food later we left. Had to rest up, pack and get ready for the trip to Mangalore. Was supposed to leave at night and still hadn't decided if I was driving down or taking the "Shaadi bus". Finally decided on the Shaadi bus or I'd be driving alone - NOT my idea of a good time. The bus was supposed to leave at 9pm. Two of his friends from the US (Mat and Deep) were supposed to land up from Delhi at 1. The flight got delayed. Arrival scheduled at 5. The flight got delayed. Arrival scheduled at 9. Decided I'd take the car after all if it got any later - which it did. Bells left by bus and I went to the airport to pick them up. The description that I got was "A tall white man with a short indian woman". I have no clue how I recognised them - don't think I would have if Deep hadn't looked all confused when she came out... hardly looked indian and she wasn't all that short - hey, I'm 5'5.5" (that .5" is kind of important when you're my height). Picked em up, took em home, made myself a drink and passed out.
Left the next morning at 7ish armed with a map of Bangalore, a map of Karnataka and a navigator (Mat) who despite never having been to Bangalore at all seemed to flawlessly point out the right directions (I've tried using the map since then and it just doesn't work). We reached the highway and the drive started. Brilliant roads. Good company. No decent food on the way, but hey, we were going for a wedding - plenty of food out there right?
Found one joint on the way that we stopped at for a "lite snake". The treatment we got was beyond great. Must have been the effect of a white man who spoke hindi :)
You wanna know how great? Before we'd finished ordering, half the stuff (whatever we'd ordered till that point) had arrived.
The drive down was pretty peaceful. Reached Mangalore just in time to make it for lunch with Bells.
Would you beleive it... all the pubs I knew in Mangalore have shut down! There's no Knightrider any more :(
Landed up at Hau Hau - a good chinese joint out there and stuffed our faces a bit.

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