Saturday, January 13, 2007

The end of De error

People come
people go.
It happens faster
than you could know.

The ones who stay
are too around.
The ones away
are hardly found.

You live through both,
the ones who care,
The ones who're there,
The ones nowhere.

The ones who last
you hold too close.
They're in the past
along with most.

In all the places
you have been
The stars have gone,
or lost their sheen.

The one you wanted
was always there.
Tied up in life,
going somewhere.

The path ahead
has many a thorn
upon which we walk
till the feet are torn.

People, places,
come in a word.
There is no meaning,
it's all absurd.

So change I must.
I always do.
I see the foot
in the other shoe.

And time screams on...
as it really must,
leaving memories
and lots of dust.


Me again said...

Didn't know that there was a poet in you :)

Liked what you wrote

Bindu Kumar said...

"People, places,
come in a word.
There is no meaning,
it's all absurd."

very much true!!

Anonymous said...

nicely written! :)

Anonymous said...

people, either you love or hate
each gives you things to learn
life's more fun this way
surprises and predictions on each turn

I'm gettin inspired by you :D

srujbop said...

so the bong in you is pop'in out :) Good stuff...

Anonymous said...

Nice one dude, not sure why the name is'nt showing up .S

Wunderkind said...

hi..very nicely said.and i found that what you've written pretty much says what i feel..interesting blog.

Unknown said...

Very nice Doid! Quite the poet I must say :-)