Thursday, February 17, 2005

Experiments with truth - and Dominos pizza

Has anyone (in India at least) noticed that if you get a set pizza here, you wind up paying more than if you order a plain cheese with the same toppings?

I got a bit hungry by 3, so called Domino's. This is the info I asked for along with the responses:
Small Hawaiian Pizza cost: Rs. 130
Toppings on the Hawaiian: Ham and Pineapple
Small Cheese Pizza cost : Rs. 50
Ham topping cost: Rs. 30
Pineapple topping cost: Rs. 20
Golden Corn topping cost: Rs. 20

I got that far and asked the guy if I could order a Small Cheese Pizza with Ham, Pineapple and Golden Corn toppings and he tells me "That will be 150 plus tax", so I walked him through the math - it seems not all indians are good with it... he put me on hold for a while and was talking quite animatedly with someone else out there in kannada (I don't understand more than a few words, so didn't have a clue as to what he was on about). He gets back on the phone and says "okay sir, 120 plus tax". Whew! 15 minutes it'd taken me to order a pizza!

What I don't get is why would they charge you MORE for something that's not customised? So I take 10 minutes more on the phone explaining why I want it part by part and they charge me less. It's the same with most of their combos. Try ordering topping by topping to get a lower price out of em. It's only bad if your battery's low :)

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