Sunday, February 20, 2005

To De or not To De

Tis a half past sometime somewhere in the world. Right now is the middle of the night out here. 10 o'clock on a Sunday morning brings me to the computer... to do what? Does it really matter? Yesterday sort of blended into today - strains of a song come popping into my head "... and yesterday's todays just fade away". Was up till 6 again. No party this time. A few good friends online.

It's funny. The number of friends I've got in the US should be incentive enough to go. Hell there had to be just one or two of them out there for the reasons to be enough. Might even be a good idea to go there to work - maybe if the job market picks up a bit I will.

Sundar had called up this morning - hang on... that was yesterday morning. We had a nice long chat. What's really great about my friends is that they're always there. I'm a lazy bum. I don't make the effort to stay in touch - bad excuse for not staying in touch with such great friends, but hey, I'm me - they know how much I really care.

So many thoughts dropping pomes in my head...
time to switch to the anonymous blog instead...

I'll be back - I always am.

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